About us

Maybright Ventures Private Limited is a private incorporated, non government company registered at Registrar of Companies, Kolkata. We are a young and energetic Fintech startup looking to revolutionize financial services through use of technology. Maybright offers its lending services through its app, mPokket.

mPokket is an Instant Loan App that provides loans to college students and young working professionals.


While still a student in the US, mPokket CEO and Founder Mr. Gaurav Jalan realised that the youth in India were not financially empowered as their counterparts in America. With the goal to provide loans for students and young professionals in India who were not eligible for loans via traditional lending institutions, Gaurav started mPokket, an instant loan app, in 2016.

Users can download and install the instant loan app from the Google Play Store. Borrowers can take instant cash loans anywhere between Rs.500 – Rs.45,000 depending upon their profile and credit history. The money is transferred directly into their bank account.

The repayment plan is flexible with borrowers having the option of paying back the money over a period of 3 to 12 months along with a nominal interest charge.

mPokket does not require its users to provide collaterals or physical documents. You can simply upload a handful of documents on the app to register, get approved and start availing an instant personal loan.

We are an RBI registered NBFC.

CIN: U74900WB2016PTC209209


The primary goal of mPokket is to financially empower the youth of our country. By providing small to medium-sized loans for students and young professionals, we enable them to become financially independent at an early age.

By offering our instant loan online for a short duration i.e., up to 3 months, we encourage the youngsters to plan their expenses in a prudent fashion, thus setting them up for saving and investing for the rest of their lives.

Whether you want to buy an appliance, take your friends out, book an Uber, pay your gym fees or enroll for an educational course, mPokket offers instant loans up to Rs.45,000 that is credited directly into your bank account.

The reason why we are one of the best instant loan apps in India is two-fold. Our customers have always found our interface to be user-friendly and enticing. The registration process is simple and comprises only a handful of steps.

Once approved, you can start availing loans immediately. We offer loans for students & loans for salaried people in every city and village of India. As long as you get approved on the student loan app, you are eligible to take loans from us.